Kelpie concept

This is the current sculpture in the planning stages. Fundraising campaign will be announced soon. Originally sketched for Burning Man, this sculptures unveiling location has been moved. Destinations planned to include upcoming festivals such as Symbiosis.

Kelpie5A Kelpie leaps enthusiastically from a brackish pond in the desert, beckoning a challenge to catch or be caught. Unbeknownst to the gleeful water horse, a deeper, darker presence has awoke, and begins to surface a long tentacle. Tension mounts as the water sprite seems not to react to the dangers from below, is it denial or obliviousness, to not see what else is happening in this small pond? Or is it unconcern? Will Kelpie realize in time?

The scene speaks to both joy and denial – something very present in our world right now… Are we willing to turn and look at what is happening in our own small pond, face the shadow that lies under our community and civilization – and embrace the joy at the same time? Can we hold both? Can we transform?

Mardi Storm's Kelpie - scale

Sculpture currently planned to be 10-14 feet high, made of steel and resin.

Please consider aiding in the construction of this art piece! Official fundraiser will be announced soon, meanwhile, if you wish to contribute your generosity is appreciated!


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